Basic Sketch – Using A Pencil As A Media to Draw

Basically sketch is a simple image with the touch of a pencil scratch but still showed the aesthetic value of the objects drawn. The problem of drawing by hand sketch required processes performed eye as an input and a motor hand as “Output”. What about the difficulty? It is either the object information captured through the eyes is not in our good memory or the hands of untrained ability.

Knowing Pencil for A Media to Draw

Pencil is one of the cheap media images, easy to find, easy to use and can be taken anywhere.

Pencil seems only produce monochrome color (black and white) that is not interesting. Because of that, many beginners do not start learning to master pencil first, and usually want to immediately learn to use watercolors and oil paints.

In fact, as a beginner, if we want more control of watercolors and oil paints, we should only be used to practice sketching with a pencil. Take out all the ability of the pencil, and then we will find the wonders on our image.

Types of Pencil

Soft pencil is a tool that is not giving many depths, and has hardness level assortment. For starters, use a pencil which is soft. (To complete the picture in the future should always use pencil that is most qualified as far as can be obtained).

The strength of the line depends on the paper used. The more coarse paper used, the more dark pencil strokes obtained. Instead, the slicker the paper, the gray the scratch becomes. The paper should be quite coarse in order to obtain a good pencil line.

There are so many kinds and types of pencil / pencil in accordance with its use, among others:

Ordinary Pencil

Pencil with wooden sticks are relatively inexpensive, can be used to make assorted scratches, and can be used to cover the image area and create a shadow. Although ordinary pencil is quite suitable for used to draw, however, it must be considered the quality and the type of pencil.

Hard Pencil (with pencil Hard term / H)

This type of pencil has the level and quality of hardness ranging from 9 H (very hard) and then F. This type of pencil is widely used to draw a bar, due to the hard kind. The harder levels the leads, the more it can be used to produce solid, smooth and thin lines.

Medium Pencil (with a pencil medium hard term / HB)

This pencil is used to create a design / sketch / drawing plans, both for decorating pictures or images of billboards.

Soft Pencil (the pencil Soft term / B)

Soft pencil can produce solid lines, dark and dark tone light. For almost all hands-free drawing, type B pencil is a type of pencil that has many benefits. This pencil type is widely used to draw portraits, objects or landscapes in black & white.



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