Practical Ways to Draw 10 Kinds of Animals – Everyone Can Do It!


According to my previous reasons why I feel the need to share about this drawing method is because I am convinced of many the readers of which have the same difficulties as I am, no matter you are still of primary school up to adult is generally not easy to draw a character.

Different from nature and abstract drawing techniques wherein the size and shape enough by imagining and shadow alone, each depends on the painter dam respective results remain easily accepted everyone.

But to draw a character moves either humans or animals are in need of dimensions that must be proportionate to realize a correct picture, the real, and not cluttered or strange.

An exception to draw caricatures, then the painter could draw such non-proportionally by making the head bigger than his body because it aims to make jokes or other purposes.

From the following drawing techniques, later on please note that I now have a better understanding that the easiest way to create an image of a character is by making a sketch initial / start line as a determinant of total Dimensions proportional characters (human / animal) is.

Here is an example of the Basic How to draw 10 kinds of animals:

  1. Easy to Draw Pikachu – Animals Japanese monster which is cute and unique.
  1. Simple Techniques Drawing Cat – front view.
  2. Draw a small and cute foxes.
  3. Draw a camel – the king of the desert.
  4. The method of drawing fish – in various variants.
  5. The method of drawing a rabbit – in a variety of positions.
  6. How to draw a turtle – in various models.
  7. Drawing Seahorses – front and side view.
  8. The pictures in children’s favorite movies … Shaun the Sheep!
  9. Finally … Let’s draw a dolphin … And paint all that has been painted!

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